an winter day

Such a music in this cold wind travelling along the breezes, ethereal with it,

Feeling of a new rhythmic emollient blooming around me, but is it real?

Dalliance to my knowledge only, in the deeply saddened embracement it seems lonely,

Oh dear, I do not brood nor the nature allows but again the love rises beneath the core of my heart

And that it may vanish away of my mind, any time.


Looking for heaven

That day, that day I wished for a new life, a life carrying the sense of livability, having an achievement with flying colours,

I had contemplated my merciless livelihood and what I found was disastrous meaninglessness laying under its roots,

I prayed for a new hood having the compatibility of nothing more than my grounded ideas satisfying my bodily needs,

I dreamed of resting on a ground covered by the green grass missing the corrosiveness, the grass fed by my own hands,

The river flowing alongside the lane to my home, I walked through its waters, for that moment only my restlessness subsided like it had some healing chants dispersed over it,

I sat on the shoreline and saw the clouds flowing in a hurrying manner and in an instance mother earth found me shouting, like a child crying for his missing mother, like an old man sobbing for his past sins laying on his dead bed…

-Piyush Mishra